Officially Ticked Off!!

ARE YOU TIRED of feeling “stupid?”

You know what I mean.

Your children and grandchildren are all over the computer thing and you have somehow been left behind. You feel vulnerable and even threatened by all the new, continually changing technology which has taken over our lives.

In the last few years technology has exploded into our lives. Now we bow to its needs not vice versa. We feel constantly overwhelmed.

I understand that feeling. I feel it, too.

Four years ago I decided to create my business, Gentle Mac Coaching. I had spent my life teaching and saw the need to create a safe space for older people, like myself, to learn how technology can be useful and less threatening. I had helped teach classes but I felt that personal one-on-one instruction would work even better in many cases.

As my business has expanded, I have found that I must really work to keep up with the changes which come at us daily. So I read, research, ask lots of questions and watch videos. As you may have seen, there are thousands of videos out there, some professionally done, others haphazardly put up on YouTube. I scan them as time and my life permit.

Last week, I found myself watching a 20-something young man explaining some aspect of technology on his YouTube channel. Then I heard him say “Even your grandmother could understand how this works.” Really? REALLY?

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I am not actually a grandmother. However, some of my best friends are. And I was livid!

But rather than just sit and seethe I have decided to fight back.

I’m living here on an island in Puget Sound, right? How can I possibly fight back? I’ll use technology, that’s how. I can live here in paradise with my whales and eagles and reach the world.

Several ideas have begun to take shape. You may begin to see some action soon.

Stay tuned!