Join My Addiction!

THEY SAY THE FIRST STEP is to admit you have a problem. I’m ready to stand up and say, “Hi, I’m Sue and I’m a Kindle addict.” It began when I signed up for Kindle Unlimited ($9.99/month) from Amazon. I now read books on my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad − all synchronized. I can start a book on one device and continue reading on any of the others seamlessly. You can download the free Kindle app for each of your devices from the App Store. I highly recommend it. Just remember, though, it’s addictive.

BookBub is a service that alerts you to limited-time free & discounted ebooks matching your interests. You can read on any device, and the books are yours to own. Unlike Kindle Unlimited, BookBub is free. Every day you will receive an email with a list of free and discounted ebooks to choose from. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, many of these books will turn out to be free on Amazon although nonmembers have to pay.