How To Use A Whatsapp Audio As A Ringtone For A Contact

Do you want to use an audio that has been sent to you through WhatsApp as a general ringtone or for a contact? We tell you how to do it.

Today’s mobiles can have practically any sound that we want as a ringtone. We can put our favorite song, an effect that we like, or a melody that catches our attention. It’s as easy as downloading the song or sound and setting the ringtone. However, today we propose a much more original option. Imagine that your partner or a friend sends you super funny audio through WhatsApp.

It is so good that you would like to set it as a ringtone for that contact. Well, it turns out that it can be done, although it has its peculiarities. The well-known messaging application does not save sound files in MP3 format, which means that most mobiles do not allow them to be set as a ringtone. But, as for almost anything, we can find an application in the Play Store that will help us. So we are going to tell you how to put a WhatsApp audio as a contact ringtone.

Step one: locate a WhatsApp audio

The first thing we must know is where WhatsApp saves the audio that our contacts send us. Quiet, they are quite accessible.

how to use a WhatsApp audio as a contact ringtone locate audios

We will need a File Explorer. Most mobiles have one installed, but if this is not your case, you only have to look for one in the Play Store.

We open the explorer and access the WhatsApp folder. Once here, you enter Media – WhatsApp Voice Notes. In this folder, you will have many folders created with different dates. This is where the voice memos that our contacts send us are saved. If you access any of them you will see the files of the recordings.

As you have surely seen, WhatsApp uses the OPUS format (.opus extension) to save audio files. This format cannot be used as a ringtone, so we will have to convert it to MP3.

Second step: convert the audios to MP3

A quick and easy way to convert .opus files to .mp3 is to use an application. Searching in the Play Store as OPUS to MP3 you can find several options, such as “Audio Manager for WhatsApp, OPUS to MP3” or “OPUS to MP3 Converter”. We will have to test which application works for us on our mobile. In our case, we have used the second.

Its use is really simple. We just have to locate the .opus file that we want to convert and tell the application where to save the converted file.

Step three: use the generated MP3 as a ringtone

Now that we have managed to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone, we only need to use it as a ringtone in the contact we prefer.

The way to change the ringtone on a contact depends on the customization layer of each manufacturer. For example, we are using a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 10.3. In this system, we must go to the contact list and click on the contact in question.

Within the contact file, we will have an option called “Default ringtone”. Click on it and then on “Choose a local ringtone”. We select “File manager” and look for the MP3 file that we had saved before. And voila, we already have the audio extracted from WhatsApp as the tone of that contact.

If we want we can also use it as a general tone of the telephone. Once converted into an MP3 file we can use it like any other audio file. In addition, this will facilitate its reproduction on any device, without the need for it to be compatible with OPUS-type files, much less common.